Troop’s Run

Troop’s Run is the third volume of the Environmental Justice Chronicles. Forestville is once again under threat—this time from a fossil fuel pipeline that might jeopardize all the environmental progress our heroes have achieved so far…..

Professor Bratspies Testifies Before NYC Racial Justice Commission

On August 3, Professor Bratspies testified before the NYC Racial Justice Commission about charter amendments that could dismantle structural environmental injustice.  You can watch her testimony here (starts at 2:08:00)

Dr. Sacoby Wilson speaks at CUNY

In September 2020, CUER was honored to partner with CUNY BLSA and the Environmental Justice Collective to bring Dr. Sacoby Wilson to campus (via zoom).

Mayah’s Lot at the IGU Biennial Symposium

The 2021 Institute for Global Understanding Biennial Symposium focusing on Human Rights and the Environment featured Mayah’s Lot on the Environmental Justice panel. You can watch the panel from this link.

CUNY Queens Sustainability Consortium

Join CUER and all of CUNY’s Queens Campuses to explore how academic research and expertise can support environmental justice advocacy. March 5 10:00-4:30. Register at

Color the Census with CUER

Join Mayah and Bina as they learn about the Census in CUER’s new coloring book We All Count. This project is part of the Environmental Justice Chronicles, CUER’s ongoing collaboration with artist Charlie LaGreca. Also, be…

CUER Debuts New Mayah’s Lot Comic to Activate Census Advocacy

As part of its Maya’s Lot series, CUER’s latest work with artist Charlie Lagreca takes readers inside why the Census process is integral to our rights – and dispels misconceptions around whether participation in the Census puts data or undocumented people at risk (it doesn’t!).

CUER Goes Inside FOIA for Environmental Justice with Conference and Comic

In Fall 2018, the Center for Urban Environmental Reform co-hosted a day-long conference titled Separating Facts from Fake News: Environmental FOIA in the Trump Era. The conference featured panels of environmental journalists and environmental law and…

Read Book 2 in the Environmental Justice Chronicles: Bina’s Plant

The Center for Urban Environmental Reform is proud to announce the release of Bina’s Plant, the second book in the Environmental Justice Chronicles. Bina’s Plant again features the unstoppable sisters Mayah and Bina as they advocate…

Water Violations Predominately Impact Low-Income And Rural Americans

Water violations are most often given to water systems serving low-income and rural areas.  These violations are often indications of problems that will affect the health of those served by the water system and indicate the…