Dr. Sacoby Wilson speaks at CUNY

In September 2020, CUER was honored to partner with CUNY BLSA and the Environmental Justice Collective to bring Dr. Sacoby Wilson to campus (via zoom).

The US Water Crisis You Haven’t Heard About

Many Americans are currently experiencing a clean water crisis and you likely haven’t heard about it.¬† The public perception of water crises rarely extends beyond Flint, MI, or Capetown, SA.¬† While these cities have experienced and…

Keystone Continues, Despite Warning Signs

Last week, the Nebraska Public Service Commission approved a permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline that, although approving an alternative route, cleared the final regulatory hurdle in a multi-year fight against the pipeline. The decision to…

A Solution to Houston’s Transit Problem

Nearly 91% of Houston, Texas’s residents travel alone by car to get to work. After Hurricane Harvey devastated¬†southern Texas and Louisiana, experts estimate that up to one million cars and trucks were destroyed by the storm….

(PHOTOS + VIDEO) Environmental Justice on the Cutting Edge – A Conversation with Dean Robert Bullard

On March 20, 2014, CUER co-hosted an evening conversation about environmental justice featuring Dr. Robert Bullard.

CUER Fellows Comment on Rockaway’s Pipeline

CUER Fellows Sharon Abel, Andrew Sawtelle, Andy Jones and Ethan Middlebrooks with CUER Director, Prof. Rebecca Bratspies

On behalf of the CUNY Center for Urban Environmental Reform, CUER Fellows Andy Jones and Ethan Middlebrooks recently submitted comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) on the Rockaway Delivery Lateral…