New York’s MGPs still wreaking havoc

mgp New York’s last manufactured gas plant (MGP) was closed in 1972. Yet, these MGPs do not want us New Yorkers to forget about them.

Coal tar is still seeping out and finding its way to New York’s precious water system. With approximately 300 MGP sites, New York’s water system and water-drinking residents are on the defense.

The last plant that was closed was in Poughkeepsie and recently, 41 years after the closure, Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. announced that it was drafting a clean up plan and will hopefully begin the cleanup process in 2015. See full story here.

That doesn’t give me much hope since it took 41 years to actually recognize there was a problem.

But good news, this MGP doesn’t affect Poughkeepsie’s drinking water because the town gets its water 1 mile up river. That’s very comforting (not!)