My name is Megan Welch, and I am one of the new CUER Fellows for the 2016-2017 academic year. I am currently a 2L at CUNY School of Law, living in Brooklyn.

Prior to law school, much of my adult life has been dedicated to the sciences. As an undergraduate, Environmental Studies student my inherent love for nature quickly evolved into a passion for sustainability and environmental ethics. At Ithaca College I learned of the dependent relationship society, the economy, and the natural environment share, and the importance of a holistic approach to solving problems. After college I was able to apply my studies as an AmeriCorps volunteer working to preserve both natural resources and natural lands in Alaska and Maine.

After completing two terms of service with AmeriCorps, I transitioned into the New York City Teaching Fellows program and becoming a classroom science teacher. At this point my environmental focus shifted from preserving pristine environments, towards fostering my students’ relationship with their surrounding urban environment. I designed my curriculum in a way to aid students in developing a strong bond with their environment and understanding their role in solving environmental issues.

As a CUER Fellow I am extremely excited to return to the classroom and educate students about environmental justice through the lens of Mayah’s Lot. I am also particularly interested in researching and planning outreach events on food ethics, and the close relationship food and the environment share.