The Commercial Case for Planting Trees

Justin Adams, from the Nature Conservancy, has made a compelling economic case for regreening the earth and replenishing trees across the globe. In addition to the health benefits of planting trees in cities, which we have discussed previously, planting trees globally can reinvigorate economies and reduce the impact of climate change.

The underpinnings of this argument are that trees are necessary because trees clean air and water. This will certainly help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, with research showing that up to one-third of climate problems can be addressed through replanting of trees. This solution is so important that it was actually written into the Paris Climate Agreements. Further, 13.7 Million people are employed in the forestry industry global and contribute over $120 billion to global GDP. Research has indicated that this could grow by 50% with proper investment and management.

Finally, there are opportunities for wood to be used in a number of innovative ways, from cross-laminated timber for building to improved soil retention and cheaper water purification processes. These are crucial methods for decreasing our global environmental impact while also increasing economic opportunity in a number of sectors.

To read more about the opportunities or to view the research mentioned above, visit the Nature Conservancy’s website here.