China and Climate Change

Trump recently signed an executive order to scale back Obama’s climate change policies, as he promised on the campaign trail. Michel Martin, China Poised to Fill Leadership Void On Climate Policy – With Economic Incentives, (April 2, 2017). The Obama administration tried to implement the Clean Power Plan to reduce emissions across the country, however the Trump administration has done away with the plan. Id. This program was one of the key strategies for the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to meet the international committed target laid out in the Paris Agreement. Id.

Now that the United States is not a global leader in reducing climate change, some believe China will fill the gap. Id. China is the world’s largest manufacturer of wind turbines, batteries, and solar panels, and has invested over $100 billion in the renewable sector last year. Id. China has expressed interest in investing in clean energy in order to improve its own domestic air quality. Id. Also, the country is interested in renewables because of the lucrative and expanding economic potential. Id. However, some are skeptical of the world’s largest carbon dioxide emitter actually making such a dramatic shift. Id.