Ecological Restoration Companies

Despite Trumps claim that environmental regulations are killing jobs, these regulations are actually sparking new entrepreneurship, and putting former coal miners back to work. Glynis Board, In Coal Country, Environmental Regulations are Creating Jobs,, (April 13, 2017). The National Mitigation Banking Association, states that ecological restoration has become a $25 billion industry. Id.  This industry requires specialized training and people, and creates high-paying jobs. Id.

Business models that were created from environmental regulation include companies that restore streams and rivers that were damaged by coal mining. Id. Companies, such as Ecosystems Investment Partners, buy damaged property throughout the country, study old topographical maps to understand what the area looked like before it was damaged, then restore the environment (to the best of their abilities) to its original state. Id.

Despite the best efforts by the ecological restoration companies, the restoration efforts are only a partial fix. Id. Therefore, not only are environmental regulations necessary for job growth in this particular niche of the economy, but they are also necessary to ensure the healthy state of our environment. Id.